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Woman Discovers 'Rape Room' in Comic Book Store; Is Promptly Fired








There’s a comic shop I’ll never be visiting ever again. I hope it goes out of business. fyi it’s the Harrison’s in downtown Salem, MA

signal booooooooooooooost

hooooly shit that’s literally the next town over

Black list this store lol

several of my other MA buddies have blacklisted this place now

Fuuuuuuuuuuuck… I go there all the time. Welp. Not anymore.

The woman in question made a longer post in the comments at bleedingcool.com:

I was hired at the comic shop last week. I started on Saturday. On Saturday I was given a tour of the store. The person giving the tour loudly and dramatically declared that the back room was the rape room. I said “that’s not okay”. He said “it is if they can’t talk”. As a rape survivor I was upset but I did not push the issue further at that time. I wanted to keep my job and did not want to cause a scene in front of everyone. Later, the same individual came up to me and put his arm around me and pulled me to his body. I did not want him to do this but I also did not feel like I could speak up at that time. It was done while I was surrounded by other men and again, I was worried about my job security. It also did not seem appropriate or professional of me to make any kind of scene on the sales floor in front of other people. The reason the physical contact bothered me is because this same man had just made two rape jokes mere hours before touching me. Judge if you will, but I am not comfortable being pulled to the body of someone who makes rape jokes.

Despite all this I continued to work studiously. I was excited to be working on a comic book shop. Throughout Saturday and Sunday I was praised for my work. I showed initiative, excellent customer service skills, knowledge of product, and a willingness to be a team player. When I was asked to stay past my scheduled time I agreed without hesitation. On Sunday I was told by the person who made the rape joke that I was one of the employees that was going to be kept on. My schedule was adjusted to reflect this (meaning hours were added to my shifts for the week). Sunday, after I left work, the incident about the rape room and the unwanted touching kept eating at me. I wondered if the owner knew he had someone in the store calling the back room the rape room. I was concerned because this was being told to a group of people. I also thought it might be prudent for him to know in case any more similar issues came up. So Sunday night I went back to the store and spoke to the owner. He conveyed to me that he knew his friend called it the rape room. He said it was just a joke and that the touching was no big deal. He said he did not want to make waves. I did not push the issue. I had relayed what happened. That was my goal. In fact, I very clearly said to him that I was not trying to get anyone in trouble. I just thought he should know. So I went home and thought everything was fine. I had Monday off. When I went in for my shift on Tuesday the person who made the rape joke was waiting for me out front. He would not let me in the store. He told me I was fired. I asked to speak to the owner but he denied my request. That is what happened. (x)

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What do you do when you find the perfect person, but they have that one flaw. The one flaw in their personality or morality that you can never agree with, that deep down you cannot avoid and you cannot overlook. Do you keep going and perusing this person in the hopes that they might change for you? Do you torture them with loving you knowing that without that one thing being different you can never be together? Do you let them leave you in pain and heartache because it is important to them to stay the same and not change? Is it up to you to always be the one to compromise what is important to you? Do you give up and move on before even approaching them, foregoing anything that could possibly be because you don’t know whether that one thing is too important for them or you to change?

I just can’t take these people any more

Team building tip: do not require your team to do overtime because they have to postpone their work to do mandatory team building exercises.

You cannot have wisdom without humility. Wisdom cannot exist without knowledge and you cannot gain knowledge if you already know everything.